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Re: [IP] Insulin & Weight Gain?

Sam Skopp wrote:
> As far as I know, insulin, per se does not directly cause a weight gain,
> but added food could.

So I'm weird (as if you didn't know!). I have effortlessly dropped 26
lb. since going on insulin. 

The only rationale for that that I can think of is that before I went on
insulin, the glucose wasn't getting into my cells efficiently, but I
have a high kidney threshhold, so all that glucose was sitting around in
my blood, waiting to get processsed, which it eventually did, but I was
HUNGRY, so I was eating too much. 

Once I went on insulin, I stopped being so hungry, and I  have very
gradually lost weight over almost 5 years. And so far as I can tell, the
weight loss hasn't stopped. And it's NOT because of DM -- my BGs have
been pretty good for the most part. 2 more pounds, and I'll have
achieved BMI 25 -- considered normal weight in all circles, and
acceptable for MY matronly ideal!!!!

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