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[IP] Jan's cooking and second day

email @ redacted wrote:
> BTW, "ducky" Nat has been forced to eat some of my cookin' and has,
> apparently, lived.

Yeah, she had to drag me kicking and screaming and SIT on me to make me
eat it!!!!!  :)  Especially the cheesecake!!!! And for a hill-billy, she
makes some pretty decent matzo-ball soup! :) :) :)

Anyway, I'm now officially hooked up on saline -- used the scary-looking
SofSerter -- it wasn't as bad as it looks! I find the contraption
scarier looking than the needles -- but then I was never needle-phobic
to begin with. 

What is most interesting to me is that although the nurse is a CDE and
trained on the pump, I had to tell HER a few things. Like you have to
put the little metal piece at the neck of the reservoir down before you
close the pump door.  

I also ran a few things past her that I've read here on the list -- she
was very doubtful about them, but I did it because I was really curious
whether medical professionals live in the real world, that is, whether
anyone ever tells them anything. Admittedly I'm guilty of not telling my
doc everything, but I was wondering if I was unique or if lots of people
do that.

Anyhow "real" pump start is March 17 -- I'm expecting it to be a piece
of cheesecake -- provided my doc listens to me about what my basals and
carb ratio should be!!!!!  :)


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