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[IP] Re: comfort curve strips

> I'm on Blue Shield and also use Merck-Medco, however I purchase the
s> trips at a local 'participating' pharmacy and submit the claim
> directly to BS who in turn reimburses under the home medical portion
> of the policy which pays at 80% less any deductible. ...
>  I've always done it and never been
> questioned since Merck does not carry strips. (Lily uses One Touch).

> Michael

How odd. I had Blue Shield of CA until very recently, and I was able to
get a 3 month supply of One Touch strips from Merck-Medco. Multiple times,
over 3 years. 

Btw, the advantage (at least under my previous health ins. plan) of using
Merck-Medco was that I could get 3 months worth of strips (about 800 strips)
for a single $7 copay. If I went to a "local participating pharmacy", I
had to copay for EVERY BOX, ie, 16 times. And the pharmacy copays were
$10. Crazy system...

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