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Re: [IP] Insulin & Weight Gain?

At 11:08 AM 3/4/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
>Donna, for me the answer is a big yes!  For the past 40 years of shooting
>up, I can attest that there was a very strong correlation between my weight
>and the amount of insulin I would take.


>>Recently they have changed my insulin therapy to 3 shots a day, since then I
>>have noticed a weight gain even with a reduction of food intake.  My
>>question is
>>Does insulin make you gain weight?

As far as I know, insulin, per se does not directly cause a weight gain, 
but added food could. I think this scenario would only true if she is 
eating more to cover too much insulin. However, Donna says that she is 
eating less. It is possible that she is not counting added stuff to cover 
low BGs... but, it's hard to tell.

So if the carb-count has not increased, then has the activity level 
decreased? There is some factor at work here... I just don't know what it 
is, based on the information we have.


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