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[IP] Insulin & Weight Gain?

Donna, for me the answer is a big yes!  For the past 40 years of shooting
up, I can attest that there was a very strong correlation between my weight
and the amount of insulin I would take.  This is even more true now that
I'm a pumper.   If I want to lose weight, all I have to do is decrease my
daily insulin total. Thus I think there is probably a lot of true in those
diet gurus that say you can control your weight by watching your CHO
intake.  If you eat few CHO then your insulin will drop.  I don't know if
others on this list have systematically watched this like I have, but I'm
curious about it.  I suspect that YMMV here, like everything else.

>Recently they have changed my insulin therapy to 3 shots a day, since then I
>have noticed a weight gain even with a reduction of food intake.  My
>question is
>Does insulin make you gain weight?

** Wayne **

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