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Re: [IP] trouble with MM

That is what the MiniMed Rep told me almost word for word..must be a canned
response..the buttons on mine are very very senstive and it can be
Ginny who still isn't sure about her new pump

At 11:22 AM 3/4/99 , you wrote:
>After reading some of the posts about MiniMed 507Ci sent a quick email to
>my educator/pump trainer in re: to the pushing of the buttons... this is
>what her response was:
>We have not had one person who had a pump "fall apart" or be poorly made.
>the buttons on the 507C are more sensitive than they were on the last 3
>and you are correct when you say it is like on a calculator or key board
>you hit the button too hard or maybe twice - but there is no problem with
>that, just continue with what you are doing. They intentionally made the
>buttons easier to manipulate. If you had seen some of the earlier models,
>practically took 2 men and a boy to push the buttons they were so hard. My
>keyboard at home is so sensitive that I barely touch a key and I have 6-7
>letters that don't belong there. Hope that helps.
>Have a great day!!!         Marsha
>Hope this helps.
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