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[IP] trouble with MM

After reading some of the posts about MiniMed 507Ci sent a quick email to
my educator/pump trainer in re: to the pushing of the buttons... this is
what her response was:

We have not had one person who had a pump "fall apart" or be poorly made.
the buttons on the 507C are more sensitive than they were on the last 3
and you are correct when you say it is like on a calculator or key board
you hit the button too hard or maybe twice - but there is no problem with
that, just continue with what you are doing. They intentionally made the
buttons easier to manipulate. If you had seen some of the earlier models,
practically took 2 men and a boy to push the buttons they were so hard. My
keyboard at home is so sensitive that I barely touch a key and I have 6-7
letters that don't belong there. Hope that helps.

Have a great day!!!         Marsha

Hope this helps.

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