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email @ redacted wrote:
> Have had IDDM for 29 years.  Gradually both parents, grandmothers, and both of
> Mom's sisters have type 2 (they're in a national study) so many that last year
> my endo decided to test me to make sure that I am a true type 1 (I am) but she
> has had some Type Wierd patients too.  You are not alone out there.   TTFN
> Linda

In my case, neither parent had DM -- however, my maternal grandmother
and an uncle and two aunts did. My uncle was NEVER overweight in any
way, and although my grandmother and one aunt were stout before DM, they
lost weight, and became slim, but the DM didn't ever become controllable
without insulin. The other aunt started out slim, but put on weight in
her later years. (One more aunt and my mother, lucky duckies, never
developed DM at all). 

So I think that what runs in my mother's family is just some unusual
type of DM, not classic Type 2 -- and yes, I often DO feel very lonely
because I don't really fit into either group, and have suffered some
treatment problems because of it!

I get really tired of explaining to people about my specific situation,
but I shouldn't complain because I'm not really having any problems at
the moment, and I have my doc pretty well educated!


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