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[IP] Diet /Low carbs

I've just come off a low carb approach.  It didn't work for me.  I
require 3000 cals to maintain my body weight.  With a target of under
100 gm of daily carbs, I was eating huge amounts of protein and fat. 
The fat is good because it has a higher calorie punch.  My objective was
to try to reduce the highs and lows; my A1c's have been great

Anyway, to achieve acceptable bgs, I had to increase my basals by over
50%.  I think that this was due to the slower absorption of the proteins
and fats.  

The bigger problem that I had was that it caused my cholestrol to jump
from 150 to 180 after only 4 weeks!  I felt that the risks far
outweighed any benefits, and I was having a tough time seeing any
benefits anyway.

My 2 cents is that if you are on a high calorie diet, the low carbs my
be problematic.  Others may convey better results with this approach,
but everyone is a bit different.


<<<I've actually tried it myself yet, but am working toward it. Anyway,
advocated by Dr. Richard K. Bernsteins in his book "Diabetes Solution".
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