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[IP] Re First day of training

Some similarities with me.  However details are fuzzy because I was post c-
section and gorked out on Demerol as I got my first pump set up on (real
insulin).  My doc who truly was great, set it up the first time, but when the
educator came in the next day to have me practice, she set it up as a short
syringe without the adapter.  She was kindof new to this too.  Well, we
learned together and I'm alive to tell and smile about it.

Have had IDDM for 29 years.  Gradually both parents, grandmothers, and both of
Mom's sisters have type 2 (they're in a national study) so many that last year
my endo decided to test me to make sure that I am a true type 1 (I am) but she
has had some Type Wierd patients too.  You are not alone out there.   TTFN
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