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[IP] First Day of Training

I sorta thought this was going to happen!

I had to train the trainer -- she was supposed to be checking me out as
to whether I understood how to set up the pump and which buttons to push
for which results, but several times, she didn't really know how to do
it herself, so I had to show her how. I oughta be charging THEM!!!!  :)

There was also a session with a dietitian for a quick run-up on carb
counting -- that's not really a problem -- but I had an interesting
discussion with her about goals. 

According to her, the goal for post prandial, 2 hour BGs is to stay
under 150. We both agreed that a goal is not necessarily achievable at
all times, but I was rather surprised because it's the first time I've
heard a Nevada CDE say anything like that! I've been told I'm obsessive
because I want my postprandial BGs below 200!

They were also very confused because they couldn't figure out whether
I'm Type 1 or Type 2 -- I repeated to them that I just have an unusual
type of DM -- neither classic 1 NOR 2 -- but it seems to be hard for
them to think outside the box.

So the trainer came to the conclusion I'm Type 2, and the dietitian that
I'm Type 1, and guess what, they're BOTH wrong! :)

While we were playing with the pump, I mentioned to her that when I'm
trying to set a bolus the numbers will skip, and she said to call
MiniMed and have them either fix or replace the pump, so I did -- and
the MiniMed person asked why I didn't report the problem within the 30
day limit -- she's not supposed to send me a new pump beyond 30 days.
Well, the reason is because it took that long to get an appointment!!!!
So she agreed to send me out a new one. 

So anyway, tomorrow I'm supposed to start with saline -- and on March 17
I officially go on insulin. 

They're really concerned about possible problems, but I really don't
think there will be any -- one advantage of Type Weird is that my body
DOES help, and I won't get the wide swings or rapid DKA that a true Type
1 does.

They did tell me I'm the first non-Type 1 they've ever had -- one of
them seemed doubtful about my going on the pump at all, but I think that
all insulin users should have it as an option. 

More later as events unfold!!



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