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Re: [IP] Question for any Diabetes Educators on the list

email @ redacted wrote:
>      My sister told me this morning she is thinking of becoming a Diabetes
>      Educator.  She has an undergrad degree in communications and I'm not
>      sure what she is doing her grad work in, but she says she is more than
>      willing to take courses to complete whatever she would need to in
>      order to do this.
>      I told her I would try to get a certified educator or three for her to
>      discuss the technical end of getting a licence and how to go about
>      coursework, so if anyone out there can be helpful PLEASE let me know
>      how she can get in touch OR:
>      Hilary (Chula Ruchel) Altman               (847) 332-9119
>      1915 Maple Ave. #1002
>      Evanston, IL 60201
>      email:  email @ redacted

Here's what's listed on Rick Mendosa's webpage about the association for this:

18.AADEnet is the official site of the American Association of Diabetes
               headquartered in Chicago. The site's members area includes chat
rooms for members of
               specialty practice groups, abstracts from 1995 and 1996 issues of
The Diabetes Educator,
               and legislative updates. Its URL is

Seems she should be able to get directly in touch with them in Chicago, since
just south of her home.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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