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Re: [IP] diabetes & prednisone

In a message dated 99-03-03 17:36:25 EST, you write:

<<  Doctor wants him to take Prednisone now
 and benadryl and do allergy testing later.  What does Prednisone do to blood
 sugars? Anything I need to watch for?                           >>
Prednisone will create insulin resistance and BGs will rise from lunch time to
after dinner and then Prednisone effect will wear off overnight...if
Prednisone is taken once daily. If taken 2 times daily, then all the BGs will
probably rise....Insulin needs will increase temporarily while he is on the
Prednisone....Appetite may increase...limit the carb and fat intake and don't
overeat...may cause weight gain, irritability, and shakiness. Exercise after
lunch or before supper to decrease the resistance factor. Prednisone  doses
will be reduced  slowly over several days or weeks, depending on the dosage.
Insulin needs will then also decrease and the potential for low BG increases.
Sorry to hear your hubby has to deal with this, but it should be ashort term
Barbara B.
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