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[IP] plan two hours in advance??

This is from a long long long time ago....

Jennifer had some questions with exercise and the timing of Humalog, I believe
and Aaron wrote:  >> You've got to plan two hours in advance.

actually the planning starts way before that.  If you exercise regularly, then
you already have factored in a raise or reduction in your basal rates,
depending on what exercise does to you and whether you eat or not...so
technically speaing you ought to be able to workout WITHOUT planning in
advance.  My basal drops 1/10th from 4pm until 8pm every day...On days I don't
work out, I either have to add a tad to my meal bolus or remember to drop that
extra 1/10 in or I will be a little higher than I want.  no biggie though - I
don't "plan" it.

I don't plan anything once I know my basals are right...I go home, change my
clothes and go to the gym.  I test as I leave work and do a variety of things,
based on what my sugar is and what, if anything I eat...For example, if i am
over 220, as I leave work, i won't take the normal 1.4 units that I would take
to get me back to 150 (my target).  I would take maybe .5.  If I were to eat,
I'd bolus conservatively, but if I didn't eat, I am comfortable that the .5 is
not gonna drop me too far.

If I want to eat something like some crackers or fruit or some junk food I
pick up onthe corner, then I will bolus but with a higher ratio...ie, normal
ratio is 1 unit to 16 grams CHO...If I am over ay 150, I will do like 1 unit
for 20 grams.  

If I am 150-200 and I am not hungry, I'll put in a lower temp basal rate.  I
turn this temp off when I am in the stretching/cool down phase of my workout
and when i get home, eat dinner...and then my insulin to carb ratio is also
higher...not quite back down to 16:1, but slightly less than 20:1 - i just
kinda go with what I am eating...

If I am under 150 before my workout, I will drink a juice box and eat some
crackers and not bolus.  I test about 45 minutes into workout and if I am over
180, I will take a TINY bolus...cuz the food is making me go up more than the
exercise is bringing me down.  If I am UNDER 120 after eating crackers and
juice, I will either suspend, or put on .01 temp basal for the rest of
workout...going back to regular basal during the stretch again.

Yes, Humalog is fast and can be erratic for some people, which i guess is why
i like velosulin, which for _me_ is almost foolproof (if all the other things
I can control are in range AND the moon is full AND the 3rd Tuesday of the
month is an even-numbered day...), but I *can't* plan the next 2 minutes let
alone 2 entire hours!!!  I would never be able to work out or eat dinner with
friends or go on the spur of the moment to live my life!!!  I just take my
meter to the gym floor with me and a roll of dex tabs and test every 20-30
minutes if I am in doubt!

>> Never ever exercise within the
>> first two hours after a bolus if you are using Humalog.

Never ever?  are you sure this applies to all?  what if you know how your body
utilized Humalog AND how much you could expect your sugar to lower during your
exercise...there a lot of factors involved before you can summarily say "never

Sure, you ought not exercise if you are really high cuz of the ketones...the
exercise can make your blood sugar even higher due to some physiological thing
that Wayne or Bob or Ted or Barb can explain better.  but for moi, I won't
hold off my workout unless I am 300...I usually feel like crap anyway and who
wants to work out then?!?  I take the bolus as I leave work...test when I get
home, if still over 300, I wait, if on the way down, I go to the gym, knowing
the bolus I took is gonna be bringing me down sooner or later and the exercise
will help.

>> When you had the 195 you had a choice exercise or bolus and 
>> wait two hours before exercising. Or bolus, eat and exercise.

In my opinion and experience, i don't think a bolus was necessary.  A bs of
195 will come down for some people (like me) with vigorous exercise alone - no
bolus required...it is just a YMMV kinda thing....

> Those with experience exercise in the morning because of night time lows.

not me - and I am one with experience...I work out at night ALWAYS, usually in
the 7-10pm time frame.  My morning sugars are pretty darn near perfect, and I
would hate to have to get up any eariler in the morning to work out, and then
have to screw with my basals...and what if I dont wake up, my basals have been
pre-set to go down...but then again, if I am working out in the am when I am
pretty insulin resistant anyway, maybe they ought to go up...ARGHHGHGHG  - too
many variables.  I am gonna stick with what I have...why screw up near

Unlike some people on hte list, I don't go way high after a workout, even
though I tend to eat more for dinner...my body just uses the insulin more
efficiently I guess.  Of course there are those times when I PIG out after a
workout and bolus insufficiently, and then I go high...but I can't really
attribute it to basals or exercise or anything else I might have "planned"
for...just stupid user error!

> After exercise a temporary basal is required.

Not always true for me!  I have to go back to my regular basal, cuz I always
eat aftre a workout.  If I leave the lower temp basal on, AND take the revised
carb to insulin ration, I will be missing some basal and my bs's go up.

> The two hours before exercise
> you want to deplete your epidermal stores of insulin.

what is this?  if you are using Humalog, doesnt it take like several hours to
get it all out and Velosulin even longer?  if i got rid of all that, how would
my body convert the glucose it needs for the workout to energy WITHOUT taking
another bolus?  why not just work with the insulin that is there
eat/bolus/exercise without worrying about how much insulin is still there?

> Those with experience exercise every day. In other words nobody successfully
> exercises once every three weeks.

well as they say, YMMV, I know for some people, working out once a week is all
they can manage and there isnt a doctor or medical professional or anyone else
who will tell you that NO workout is better than ONE, and if one is all they
can manage, then I say Good for them and keep up the good work (and I might
add, maybe switch gyms to one where there are cuter boys -that might help with
the motivation<vbg>).  I also think that "those with experience" know that you
are SUPPOSED to give your body a day of rest (not just god's rule), so your
muscles can relax and contract and all that stuff...I might actually do more
harm than good if I worked out as hard as I do EVERY day...though for me,
there is not a single day when I dont at least walk a mile (to and from work)
and climb 3 flights of stairs (to and from my bed to the front door of the

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