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[IP] Hello, Denise Poole

denise poole wrote:
> Hello All.I'm new to the group,but have been reading the messages being posted
> to get an idea of what interests all.Some very important topics are discussed.
> Does anyone in the group use Velosulin in their pump? 

There are a fair number here who do, but the point of using Velosulin buffered
insulin is out of date. Pumps used to have problems before the newer infusion 
set tube internal coatings were developed. Since then it's fine to use either R, 
Velosulinor Humalog. I use Humalog, though I do add R to it in a 5 to 1 mix done
here, that gives it better stability. Humalog is great since, for most people,
matches digestion much more closely than either R or Velosulin ever could. Goes 
to work in 15 to 20 minutes and gets done in 2 to 3 hours, so there is not
like R or V has which requires a snack betweenmeals all too often.

I "ve seen several types
> mentioned, but, Velosulin,which is what I use.Also as regards to the subject
> of neuropathies,is severe cramping throughout the body caused by this?If so
> ,is there any treatment for it?Is anyone in the N.Ky./ Greater Cincinnti area?

I don't think that's a symptom of neuropathy, btu you may have a shortage of 
potassium or calcium.

Incidentally, since you're last name is Poole, you wouldn't happen to know of a 
Herbert Poole that grew up in Syracuse, NY, would you. No matter, I knew him
in the '60s in school,, just noticed the same last name..

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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