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Re: [IP] diet

Fran Baumgartner wrote:
> Robin,
> >
> > coaster!  17 carb selections/day is a lot of food! He is not a big veggie
> > eater, so we stick to carb counting and are happy with that.  Is anyone
> > familiar with Dr. Sears THE ZONE diet or SUGARBUSTERS and why it wouldnt work
> > for type 1 diabetes? Is it just because you have to take insulin?   I'm
> Me too! :-)

I am quite familiar with "The Zone".  In fact, I know a diabetes
educator that tries to put vitually every patient on it.  She has had
some incredible luck.  Her patients regularly reduce to a "normal" body
weight, are able to lower their doses of either oral meds or insulin,
and have reduced their HbA1C's by an amazing amount!

Certainly can't hurt to try it.

Mike Maturen
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