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Re: [IP] what's your favorite cereal?

Well, it's a question of amount. I don't use that much syrup, only about 30
g worth.  And real maple syrup really is so much better tasting, that I
think its worth the extra 2 U of insulin.
But  those 20 oz bottles of soda, which is what I like to drink, have about
75g of CHO per bottle!  That's often a whole meals worth of CHO for
me--certainly a normal cereal breakfast.  About 5 U of insulin for just a
soda is too much, so  that's why I still drink Fresca.   But I do do Cherry
Coke in smaller boluses sometimes, just for fun *S*

<<< I suspect you are still using it out of habit from the old
>prepump days!  You're showing your age :-)
<You're right... old habits die hard. And, in my advanced years it's hard
<for this old dog to learn new tricks. (arf!)

<So why do we still drink diet soda??

** Wayne **

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