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[IP] Question for any Diabetes Educators on the list

     OK you can hit me over the head with my first (very large) pump for 
     forgetting who's who, but yesterday was Purim and anyone who knows how 
     to celebrate that can explain to the rest of the list my current 
     abscence of memory
     My sister told me this morning she is thinking of becoming a Diabetes 
     Educator.  She has an undergrad degree in communications and I'm not 
     sure what she is doing her grad work in, but she says she is more than 
     willing to take courses to complete whatever she would need to in 
     order to do this.
     I'm not sure what caused her to feel this way, but a boyfreind that is 
     an EMT and is afraid to treat diabetics and years of 'shooting up' her 
     brother (prior to pump and expecially post blindness) probably didn't 
     I told her I would try to get a certified educator or three for her to 
     discuss the technical end of getting a licence and how to go about 
     coursework, so if anyone out there can be helpful PLEASE let me know 
     how she can get in touch OR:
     Hilary (Chula Ruchel) Altman               (847) 332-9119
     1915 Maple Ave. #1002
     Evanston, IL 60201
     email:  email @ redacted
     Thankx very much for your help.

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