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[IP] meter/manager software..request your input

For those of you who use the profile or One touch, there is a really nice
FREE WARE called DMU and all you need is the $5 cable from Lifescan. it
can be downloaded from:
This software allows you to make graphs, oragnize your numbers, it has
identification (in color) as to if your sugar is above, below or at your
set normal range.
I also have the one Touch software which, somehow i managed to get for
free (i think though a miscommunication of a new employee of Lifescan) and
i do not like it as much.  
	As Far as other meters go, there are a few FREEWARE downloads on
this site... http://insulin-pumpers.org/links.shtml
it is down a ways, but i guess my take on it is that i do not want to have
to pay for somethign i can get for free.
	I like the software for the meters, but i think LifeScan told me
that teh Fast Take software was going to be like $80 or $100 no thanks.

	I am not sure about the software to download pump data, it think
it is neat, but for $300 i can wait.

	Hope this helps.


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