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[IP] Re: IP diet

Robin, I have tried many diets, The Zone, Dr. Atkins and Sugar Busters to
name a few.  I was on 4 MDI when on the diets and when I followed the diet
to the letter, I went from 4 shots to only 1 per day of humalog (I still
continued the Lente).  It does level out your bgs throughout the day.  I
lost weight, but the biggest draw back from these diets are they are very
restrictive and you need time to plan and prepare the meals.  Time I just
didn't have.  This is how I faired:

I stayed on the Zone for 2 weeks, lost 3 pounds.  (Very very time
I stayed on the Atkins diet for 1 month and lost 10 pounds. (Got tired of
meat and cheese-back began to hurt in the kidney area and dissipated after
I stopped the diet.  Have no kidney problems either)
I stayed on the Sugar Busters for 1.5 weeks and lost 2.5 pounds (Too much
shopping involved and very expensive - it's amazing how much sugar is in

Actually the best diet plan for me is the ADA exchange program with reduced
calories and exercise.  It's much easier to follow, but then again this is
just my opinion.

Good luck,

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