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[IP] Pump Girls!!!

Pump Girl Whirl Tour to Launch New CD Tuesday, March 9, 1999 11 AM At
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles

Troup of Teens Beat Back Diabetes-Related Depression With Music

 Whirl Tour Includes Stops in Los Angeles, New York & Chicago

 Songwriter/Producer HB Barnum Helps Pump Girls Hit the High Notes

 LOS ANGELES, March 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Move over Spice Girls, The Pump Girls
are here and they're pumped for the path to stardom!  LA's hottest new teen
music sensation, The Pump Girls, is set to release their debut album and kick
off their WHIRL TOUR today with an event to entertain the kids at Childrens
Hospital Los Angeles, topped with a private release party tonight at a chic LA

Industry insiders, media and fans are invited to join their already
considerable following for some serious pumping up of the beat, the volume
and... the insulin?

Whoa, wait a minute -- insulin?  What does insulin have to do with music?

That's right, that which brought these four girls, aged 12 to 15, together is
their insulin pumps.  For Sara, Colleen, Brittany, and Janelle, aka The Pump
Girls, the last few years haven't been easy.  Living with juvenile diabetes,
the Southern California teens coped with daily insulin injections, constant
monitoring by their parents and doctors, and the depression of living with a
chronic condition.  But that was before February 1998 when the girls began to
sing together at a camp for diabetic kids sponsored by PADRE, the Pediatric
Adolescent Diabetes Research and Education Foundation.  On Tuesday, March 9,
the girls will sing, dance and sign autographs in celebration of the release
of their first CD.  The public is invited to attend these events.

"It was definitely not fun before.  Before we met at camp.  Before we learned
how to manage our diabetes.  And before we started wearing our pumps that help
us get the right amount of insulin," says Brittany Rausch, 12, a member of the
band, adding, "Now, we're singing, dancing and talking -- a lot -- about how
we're dealing with diabetes."  Insulin pumps made national headlines recently
when the new Miss America, Nicole Johnson, actually showed hers during the

Now, The Pump Girls are about to kick-off a "whirl tour," not only to mark the
release of their new CD, but also to encourage other teens living with
diabetes to adopt a more positive outlook on life, motivating these teens to
take charge of their condition and learn to manage it.  As part of their
"whirl tour," the group will be making stops at children's hospitals, diabetes
care centers and schools, through which they hope to deliver both their music
and a message.

"I found these girls through my friend Jackie Teichmann, executive director at
PADRE, who not only thought they had talent but also felt that they delivered
an important message -- and that is that kids with diabetes don't have to be
overcome by their disease.  They can learn to manage it," said HB Barnum,
noted Hollywood record producer and songwriter whose Little Star Records label
has recorded The Pump Girls' first tracks.  "What we've done is give these
girls their childhood back.  That's a major gift.  Now we're ready to sing
about it to the world," he added.  In addition to The Pump Girls, Mr. Barnum
works with Aretha Franklin, Puff Daddy and Barry White, among others.

An estimated 500,000 to one million Americans have Type I diabetes; nearly one
out of every 600 children develops Type I diabetes.  Chronic disease during
adolescence renders an already difficult phase of life even more challenging.
Teenagers, understandably, often perceive diabetes as having a negative impact
on their lives and, as a result, may be depressed and find the disorder
difficult to manage.  Dr. Katie Devlin, Pediatric Psychologist at the
Children's Hospital of Orange County remarks, "diabetes is a huge challenge
for a teenager.  Teens are naturally seeking greater independence and control
of their lifestyle at the same time they are assuming greater control of the
management of their diabetes.  The Pump Girls could really help other kids
struggling with the disease -- help motivate them to take charge of their
lives and stay well."

A portion of the proceeds from The Pump Girls CDs' sales will go to a special
"Pump for Life" Fund which assists children around the world in need of
insulin pump therapy.

To get The Pump Girls new CD, visit your local record store or call your
favorite radio station to request their music.  To receive more information on
The Pump Girls, including their Tour Schedule, Fan Club materials, and a
Lesson Plan for teachers educating students about diabetes, please visit
www.pumpgirls.com or call 800-600-7111 x 221.

Kids living with diabetes and their friends are also encouraged to host
informative Pump Girl Parties, which include games, Pump Girl trivia and the
exclusive Pump Girl Yo Yo.  To obtain a Pump Girl Party Pack, please call
800-600-7111 x 221.

SOURCE  Little Star Records  

CO:  Little Star Records

ST:  California



03/03/99 11:00 EST http://www.prnewswire.com

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