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Re: [IP] diet


> coaster!  17 carb selections/day is a lot of food! He is not a big veggie
> eater, so we stick to carb counting and are happy with that.  Is anyone
> familiar with Dr. Sears THE ZONE diet or SUGARBUSTERS and why it wouldnt work
> for type 1 diabetes? Is it just because you have to take insulin?   I'm

Me too! :-)

I think it would be fine to do the ZONE diet.  I tried it for a while but I went
nut's doing the 30/40...whatever.  I still eat some of the bars they make when I
am in a hurry and do great with them.

I've been amazed at what people's favorite cereals are.  Since being on the pump
and being more carbo conscious I've notice that regardless if I count carbs or not
and give the right amount of insulin, it just doesn't work if the carbs are more
than 20.  What I've been doing is eating a lot of veggies ( thank god I like
veggies ) and low fat proteins.  I am doing great with this.  My blood sugars are
much more stable.  I've always been curious as to how people can eat those
cereals, deserts, etc..  AFter talking with a few other diabetics, I really think
it's a YMMV thing.  I just do what works for me and eating low carbs is what

Good Luck.
Fran  Confused Too!  :-)

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