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Re: [IP] pump glitch-high blood sugars


Some of the following comments are based on my ignorance.  I am also on a D
pump and am curious about some stuff you mentioned below.

> I packed my pump up tonight to send to Disetronic to see if they can
> figure out the problem.

Don't you have a spare?  Did the spare do the same thing?

> Last week I had unexplained highs and did
> everything I could- changing sets, sites, testing the pump, visiting
> Immediate Care- finally I saw that the boluses I gave the air- each 2
> units- were never the same. Sometimes 2 drops, sometimes 5, 6, sometimes

When I have had to test and give boluses I really can't tell from one drop
to the next.  To me it's not even drops, I just verify that insulin is
coming out.  I am curious as to how you got the "drops"?  To me it's more of
a steady flow.  Sure would appreciate clarification on this one.

>  I pulled out the Rapid and bolused 2 units into the air. NOTHING.

I tried both the Rapid and MM Softset and had some definite problems.  I've
gone back to tenders and am a happy camper.


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