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[IP] what's your favorite cereal?

Sam, I do waffles often, but I wonder why you use a no sugar syrup.
There's probably some CHO is that syrup anyway.  And I find syrup is the
easiest CHO to figure accurately for--no late surprises from fat or
protein.  And lord knows, it tastes sooo much better than that old dietetic
variety.   I suspect you are still using it out of habit from the old
prepump days!  You're showing your age :-)

Stephen, there is no cereal that is low in CHO.  That's by definition.
Cereal is defined as food from grain, which is CHO.  Me, I like Life.

>I know this is kinda a stupid question, but I was wandering what everyone's
>favorite cereal was and if any body has found one that is low in carbs.

<<<<<My normal cereal is Cheerios, but as an alternative I have Crispix. Two
cups of cereal usually fill my bowl. On top, I always use 1/4 cup raisins
and skim milk. (I'm a creature of habit...)
Sometimes I abandon cereal altogether and have Eggo Waffles with no-sugar
syrup. A nice change of pace.

** Wayne **

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