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Re: [IP] what's your favorite cereal?

Hey Sam....that sounds almost identical to my everyday breakfast....Crispix or
Cheerios and a banana to top it off with skim milk,and once in a while an Eggo
Waffle(my kids love these) with no sugar syrup......Sue

<< At 08:06 AM 3/2/1999  Stephen wrote:
 >I know this is kinda a stupid question, but I was wandering what everyone's
 >favorite cereal was and if any body has found one that is low in carbs.
 My normal cereal is Cheerios, but as an alternative I have Crispix. Two 
 cups of cereal usually fill my bowl. On top, I always use 1/4 cup raisins 
 and skim milk. (I'm a creature of habit...)
 Sometimes I abandon cereal altogether and have Eggo Waffles with no-sugar 
 syrup. A nice change of pace.
 Sam >>
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