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RE: Waterproof?, was: Re: [IP] Nearing a choice

> >I'd almost bet that it is considered water resistant without the
> tappet.

I spoke with Disetronic Technical Support and here is the just of what I got
from them.

The Red tappet is to keep excess moisture out of the reservoir compartment.
The tappets do not affect the water proof status of the D pump.

As long as none of the buttons, face of the pump or pump case is not broken,
cracked, cut or otherwise  the pump is waterproof.

> > If it made no difference whether the tappet was in place or not, why
> >they bother with it? Sales literature is always suspect... from
> all companies.

The red tappet is a convenience item for the pump user, so the user doesn't
believe they have to clean out the reservoir compartment of the moisture.

> Above all, try to get a loaner / evaluation unit from each vendor before
> deciding. Then, conduct a simple experiment with the evaluation units:

Well I know that my rep has done worse with his D to prove it's durability,
He tossed it off of a 2 story building with a full glass cartridge of
insulin onto the pavement.  It still operated WNL and the glass cartridge
did not break!


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