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[IP] to Denise: Velosulin

1.  When I started pumping 5 years ago or so it was on something that stopped
being produced so I quickly switched to velosulin.  It's basically a regular
insulin with a buffer that was supposed to prevent clogging in the tubing.
Worked fine, but I became a convert to Humalog over a year ago and prefer it's
essentially immediate action compared to regular insulin (including
Velosulin).  One major problem though, If you lose the site, kinks, or
whatever, the shorter action of Humalog also means it's gone fast and DKA sets
in fast.  You'll notice that a group of people here mix Humalog, Velosulin,
etc in various interesting ratios that I've not heard of elsewhere.
Interesting food for thought.

2.  Not from Cincy but went to Miami of Ohio and back then a date that really
wanted to impress you took you to Cincy.  College roomie lives there now so I
get there once and awhile.

3.  Body cramping?  Intestinal cramping/diarrhea can be diabetic autonomic
neuropathy.  Are you talking about skeletal muscles cramping?  Then it sounds
more unusual.  Could be wholly unrelated.  Check it out with your Doc.

Here's wishing you the rest of the winter with no snow to shovel!  (Unless you
like the stuff...then you can come and shovel mine)     Linda  (another
insomniac night)
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