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[IP] First step toward start up tomorrow!

So, I'm going in tomorrow morning for the first day of pump education --
there will be a meeting with a dietitian, and instruction with the sets,
and pumping saline, which I'm sure will drive me crazy -- but I'm really
hoping that I will learn some new and practical things! 

The first thing the dietitian is going to find out is that I'm a
HORRIBLE eater -- meal plans are ANATHEMA to me! I would really rather
be a totally impulse eater -- one of the reasons the pump is attractive.
I tend to be a one-food-at-a-time eater -- which means that some meals
are VERY high carb, and other meals have hardly any at all -- and I
DON'T wonder why the 70/30 that I was originally put on didn't work for

Second thing she's going to find out is that I do know how to adjust
insulin for food, but could stand a bit more refinement in my knowledge
about carb-counting and how to deal with protein and fat. 

I'm really excited about it and also a little nervous -- and I'll let ya
know how it goes!!


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