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[IP] pump glitch-high blood sugars

I packed my pump up tonight to send to Disetronic to see if they can
figure out the problem. Last week I had unexplained highs and did
everything I could- changing sets, sites, testing the pump, visiting
Immediate Care- finally I saw that the boluses I gave the air- each 2
units- were never the same. Sometimes 2 drops, sometimes 5, 6, sometimes
NONE. This after getting EVERY blasted air bubble out, changing sets,
etc. Finally fixed it with a new reservoir (2nd time). 
Okay, so Friday the new reservoir started-everything was hunky=dory
until today's set change. High bs's allover again. (This time I was
smart and nabbed it faster.) (I've been bolusing in the air every time I
get ready to jab myself, to count the drops.) It seemed fine when I
first inserted it- but after my bs's rose and failed to respond to a
bolus, I pulled out the Rapid and bolused 2 units into the air. NOTHING.
(Or maybe it was one drop. Later it definitely was NOTHING.)  This is
more than I can handle. I really don't think it's hidden air. I am
really careful and always use room T insulin. SAme bottle all week. When
I programmed the spare pump and bolused 2 units into the air, 5 drops. 

Just a FYI. Anybody else had thisproblem?

dx 32 "gestational"
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