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[IP] re: insurance pump coverage

I don't understand.....insurance pays it's portion of a covered service, ie 70
% of the new pump minus the hefty 2,500 deductible.  What reason (besides
because it says so inthe handbook) does it give for not allowing you to work
out a payment plan for the rest with diesetronic? Why should they care?
   Unless there is some other issue here, the only benefit seems to be that
the company gets to delay payment until you can collect the remainder of the
cash, while that patient has to wait for the pump.  As this is clearly NOT in
the patient's best interests and I don't see how the insurance company can
defend this one, I would be letting them know that I need a contact name,
TODAY, so that I can fax the matter to the State Insurance Board (whatever
state you're in).  Then call the State Insurance Board and DO IT!  (My $.02
worth/not in the insurance biz but had a few insurance co run ins.)    Happy
Hunting  TTFN  Linda
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