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Waterproof?, was: Re: [IP] Nearing a choice

Sam responded to Jack's comment:

>>When I was trained on the D by the D rep, she clearly said that you
>>should use the tappet, but that it was not absolute and no damage should
>>result as long as it wasn't damaged and would be warranted, and that's
>>the way it's worked for me.  They may have changed the instructions in
>>the last 5 years, but this snippet does say waterproof, without any
>>tappet disclaimers.

By saying:

>I'd almost bet that it is considered water resistant without the tappet. If 
>it made no difference whether the tappet was in place or not, why would 
>they bother with it? Sales literature is always suspect... from all companies.
Above all, try to get a loaner / evaluation unit from each vendor before
deciding. Then, conduct a simple experiment with the evaluation units:

1)  Take each pump, fill it with saline solution, set a basal rate of
perhaps .6 per hour (exact number doesn't matter - this is an experiment)
2)  Connect an infusion set to the pump, but *not* to you
3)  Submerge each pump in a large glass / pan of water - leave the tappet
*off* the Disetronic
4)  Leave alone for 1 or 2 hours (actual time is not critical)
5)  Note which pump seems to still work properly at the end of the experiment

Not trying to be sarcastic here, but this really is a very simple test you
can conduct to see how each device handles moisture / submersion. If you're
nervous about doing this with a loaner pump, invite the sales rep to help
you with the experiment.

Bob Burnett

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