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Re: [IP] diet

email @ redacted wrote:
> I've been thinking about these carbohydrates we fill Kevin (10) up with. He
> has gained 20 lbs to his tiny frame in 2 months...feeding his insulin. We are
> still waiting to hear about the pump...probably won't be for another 2 weeks.
> Anyway, I have LOW Blood sugar and started eating high protein diet a year
> ago. As long as I dont eat many carbs (under 50/day) I keep from going low. I
> lost 35 lbs in the process and feel less run down. All the reading I have done
> about it seems to indicate that it helps keep the blood sugar at a even keel.
> Why wouldnt this work for a diabetic? 

It will, handled properly. A fair number of diabetics find it works well. Can't
I've actually tried it myself yet, but am working toward it. Anyway, low-carbing
advocated by Dr. Richard K. Bernsteins in his book "Diabetes Solution". He's
a Type 1 since ~1943, and suffered from many complications in the late '60s and
Being an engineer he decided to analyse what we are told to do and found it was
CAUSING his problems. He experimented on himself, then tred to talk to doctors
about it. Since they wouldn't listen, despite his having eliminated all but
a trace of neuropathy, he went to medical schoold and became an MD.

Anyweay the thing is, find his book and read it. Even if you don't accept all
of his methods it has a lot of solid information about diabetes. It IS written 
mostly for diabetics, whether Type 1 or 2.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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