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[IP] diet

I've been thinking about these carbohydrates we fill Kevin (10) up with. He
has gained 20 lbs to his tiny frame in 2 months...feeding his insulin. We are
still waiting to hear about the pump...probably won't be for another 2 weeks.
Anyway, I have LOW Blood sugar and started eating high protein diet a year
ago. As long as I dont eat many carbs (under 50/day) I keep from going low. I
lost 35 lbs in the process and feel less run down. All the reading I have done
about it seems to indicate that it helps keep the blood sugar at a even keel.
Why wouldnt this work for a diabetic? I know proteins do not do much to raise
the blood sugar, but I feel like (insulin aside) this is why he has the roller
coaster!  17 carb selections/day is a lot of food! He is not a big veggie
eater, so we stick to carb counting and are happy with that.  Is anyone
familiar with Dr. Sears THE ZONE diet or SUGARBUSTERS and why it wouldnt work
for type 1 diabetes? Is it just because you have to take insulin?   I'm


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