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Re: [IP] Children on pumps

email @ redacted wrote:
> What is the minimum recommended age when a child can handle the pump?  Ronee

Ted Quick wrote:
Depends on your doctor and/or insurance company. Many recommend that 12 is
the minimum age, but we have people here using pumps successfully for 2
or 3 year olds.

My son David is 7 and has been on the pump for 6 months. He loves it.

He cannot imagine being on injections again, and the split insulin regimen
has a lot of problems.

The pump is no panacea and there are days that I would love to throttle it,
but my son would not go for it.

His last A1C was 5.6. He still has highs and lows, but other than high
protein/fat meals and the occasional problems, it is a better way to live.
You can bolus everytime your child is hungry and eats carbs, while before
you had to compromise all the time because every touch up or food coverage,
except at fairly set times, meant having to give an injection or
(sometimes) accept highs.

I have very strong feelings about this question of minimum age of kids on

I often read that someone thinks that a kid has to be old enough to dose
and inject insulin before going on the pump.

This is patent nonsense. My son never did his own injections before, and
now he boluses his own insulin before every meal and snack.  If parents are
dosing insulin, they will still be doing the dosing when their child is on
the pump.

I have a protocol that I developed for use at school.  It breaks the day
into different time blocks and has info on what to do at any blood sugar
level. If anyone is interested in seeing it I can email it. It makes the
teacher's job much  easier. David gets measured snacks if low or boluses
various amounts if high and he self-tests three or four times during the
school day.

If there is an unexpected high or some other pump problem the school calls.

I would say that it is very valuable for the child to be old enough to test
him/herself, but not an absolute necessity. However, more testing is
necessary on the pump, especially with children and this could be a

Many more children should be on the pump, and David (the youngest elective
person at Johns Hopkins on the pump) has proven that a 6-7 seven year old
can thrive on the pump.

Mark Chorvinsky

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