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Re: [IP] Nearing a choice

>Wasn't there someone on the list who had their D pump go south after dropping 
>it in the toilet a while back?  The D literature is pretty insistent on it not 
>being water resistent without the stopper...

They do not say 'water resistant', this is from their web page:

'Not just water-resistant, but waterproof, for ultimate
 flexibility.  The H-TRONplus is the only waterproof pump available
 And it's not merely water "resistant" like some pumps. It's waterproof.
 This means you can still have the ultimate control of blood glucose
 levels while swimming, showering, washing your car, boating or any
 other water-related activity you can imagine. Before choosing a
 pump that isn't waterproof, consider the flexibility and freedom this
 feature can provide in your life.'

When I was trained on the D by the D rep, she clearly said that you
should use the tappet, but that it was not absolute and no damage should
result as long as it wasn't damaged and would be warranted, and that's
the way it's worked for me.  They may have changed the instructions in
the last 5 years, but this snippet does say waterproof, without any
tappet disclaimers.

Has anyone had any trouble with water and the D, with or without the
tappets, that hasn't been damaged against porcelain.
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
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