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Re: [IP] the effects of low blood sugars


> I have noticed some trouble with my
> memory. .... Will I ever be able to
> remember, or is it gone forever?

I had an extremely severe hypo last April
when I probably got up in the night to
treat a low, tripped and hit my head on
the nightstand, knocking myself out.
Several days before and after are almost
totally "blank" in memory.  My short term
memory was atrocious at first but by August
when I stopped seeing improvement, it was
almost back to "normal".  There are some
other areas that function is affected,
luckily they are minor things.

My endo didn't have any answers about how
much and how quickly I would recover.  He
told me that brain cells can take time to
recover from a low and to not worry as long
as I was seeing improvement.

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