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Re: [IP] Nearing a choice

At 04:23 PM 3/1/1999  Jennifer G. wrote:
>Sorry for a silly question <g>, but I'm fairly new to the list.  Can
>anyone tell me what YMWV stands for??  Thanks.

One of those silly abbreviations we use... it stands for "your mileage Will 
vary" Another variant is YMMV which is "your mileage May vary". Just 
another way of saying that each person is different and your experience 
will probably not be exactly the same as someone else.

BTW (by the way), there are a lot of these types of shortcuts used. We're 
thinking of compiling a list for the Pumpers web page. Also, look for the 
sideways smiley faces like: :-) and <vbg> for "very big grin". You might 
also see <LOL> for "laughing out loud" or *S* for "smile". Just different 
ways to make these messages a bit more human.


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