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Re: [IP] Blood Sugar Levels.

In a message dated 99-03-01 20:12:45 EST, you write:

<< If you eat nothing for a 24 hour period
 and check your blood every 3 hours.  And your starting Blood Sugar is 114
 the sake of a starting number) how much of a varied number or percentage
 should you allow?  I know the chances of getting 114 each time you check in
 this 24 hour period is pretty slim.  >>

I would not recommend fasting for 24 hours to check a basal rate, your liver
might think you are starving and dump glucose to raise the BG, giving you a
false notion that your basal rate needs an adjustment. Obtain a copy for
Pumping Insulin and follow the directions for testing basal rates, which is to
test hourly during non-sleep hours.  The overnight rate should be tested first
with a pre-bedtime number, midmight, 3 am, and wake up.  ( This of course,
would be different if you have shift work.) Also, check around the FAQs on the
Insulin-Pumper Home page. Even while fasting, you will raely obtain the same
number at each hour test, but should fluctuate within 30 points of each test,
plus or minus.
Barbara B.
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