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Re: [IP] Comfort Curve Strips

> I am a federal employee and have Blue Cross.  The mail order
> (prescription) program is through Merck-Medco.  I've been trying to
> order the AccuChek Comfort Curve strips since November.  Each time,
> I'm told they are on backorder and to try back in another month.  Is
> there anyone else using Blue Cross or Merck Medco who also uses the
> Comfort Curves?  If so, where are you getting the strips from.

I'm on Blue Shield and also use Merck-Medco, however I purchase the 
strips at a local 'participating' pharmacy and submit the claim 
directly to BS who in turn reimburses under the home medical portion 
of the policy which pays at 80% less any deductible. You kind of have 
them by the short hairs. They are required to provide you the service 
and if they can not through Merck-Medco, they must provide you and 
alternative within the $$ limitations of the policy. Even if they say 
the won't do that, "they will" if pressed. Ask about reimbursement 
using the same method I do. I've always done it and never been 
questioned since Merck does not carry strips. (Lily uses One Touch).

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