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[IP] Comfort Curve Strips

I am a federal employee and have Blue Cross.  The mail order (prescription)
program is through Merck-Medco.  I've been trying to order the AccuChek
Comfort Curve strips since November.  Each time, I'm told they are on
backorder and to try back in another month.  Is there anyone else using Blue
Cross or Merck Medco who also uses the Comfort Curves?  If so, where are you
getting the strips from.  I have a call into MiniMed to see how much they will
charge me for the strips, but I haven't heard from them yet.  I realize you
can get the strips a lot of places, but it is irritating that I can get a 3
month supply from the mail order place for less than what I would have to pay
elsewhere, but they can't seem to get them for me, so if I want them, I will
have to pay more out of my own pocket.  Any suggestions would be greatly

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