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Re: [IP]

Hi all!  I was following this conversation about having lows while 
sleeping with great interest.  I live alone, so this is a natural 
concern for me.  I've had Type I for 22 years now and feel that I've 
become a bit anal about checking my bg's.

Does anyone here know why it has become more difficult for me to tell 
when I am having a low?  The signs are there, but they are subtle 
sometimes....increased heart rate, clumsiness with hands, slightly 
"drunk" feeling.  When I was first diagnosed, I used to get the "shakes" 
pretty bad when having a low.  I have no idea exactly how low I was when 
that would happen as I was urine-testing back then.  Anyway, is it due 
to neuropathy?  My dietician, who is also Type I, has a theory that 
human insulin may have a "duller" reaction than the pork-based 

Thanks for any input!!


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