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Re: [IP] Nearing a choice

On 28 Feb 99 at 23:13, Jack Granowski wrote:

> No, water in the cartridge area does no harm.  I did not have the
> tappets in for that hour and had zero problems and have heard others on
> this list who don't always use the tappets. 

Wasn't there someone on the list who had their D pump go south after dropping 
it in the toilet a while back?  The D literature is pretty insistent on it not 
being water resistent without the stopper...

> >>I have been showering, swimming, etc., for 5 1/2 years everyday with
> >>absolutely no problems.  If mm can match that, they should really
> >>advertise it, as that, and a spare, are the major reasons that I have
> >>seen on this list, and others, that many choose d.

That's why this is a YMWV issue - for me the fact that someone offers to give 
me a "hot spare" indicates that they think it will fail...  and it's also one 
of those support issues too - the rep is nearby here so a replacment mm pump 
probably isn't too far away...

> I don't like the quick release sets (the rapids work better, for me) and
> found that when I had them I didn't disconnect for a shower anyway.

The "for me" phrase is one that we all need to add to our posts...  what works 
for me, in my environment doesn't necessarily work for anyone else.

Randall P. Winchester
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