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Re: [IP] Children on pumps

> What is the minimum recommended age when a child can handle the pump?
> I think most of the research shows that kids need parent involvement until
> they are in their mid-teens for successful control of diabetes.  The pump
> is
> no exception - just a better way of delivering insulin.  Just as kids take
> on more responsibility for MDI as they get older, so it goes with the pump.

I think Nancy has given the best answer to this question.  While I am
willing to go to any lengths to get the best possible care for my
daughter's diabetes (pump therapy), that does not mean that I think any
5 year old diabetic should be on a pump.  The younger the child, the
more responsibility the parent has to assume.  While this is true with
MDI, it is even more tedious with the pump.  PT has made life so much
easier and more enjoyable for my child so we will stick with it.  But
without a parent's committment to intense monitoring and
troubleshooting, the pump should not be considered.  Only if the parents
are willing to "go the extra mile" should a pump be pursued.  But if
that is what the parents really want, and are committed to, I don't see
why age has to be a factor at all.  As far as Standards of Care for
children under 5, there has to be a starting point somewhere.  If
doctors hadn't been putting children under 12 on the pump, there would
be no data available to provide said Standards of Care.  Kayla was put
on the pump with my full knowledge that her endo was covering new
territory and had not put a child so young on the pump.  It took about 2
months of us learning from each other to get her rates correct, but it
was well worth the effort.  Thanks to our pioneering efforts, other
young children are enjoying the benefits of pump therapy.

Kayla's mom

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