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[IP] the effects of low blood sugars

I have a question I want to throw out to everyone. I don't write that
often, maybe once a week, tops. Anyway, I have had several severe low
hypoglycemic attacks. I have noticed some trouble with my memory. People
will be talking to me about stuff that has happened, and I can't even begin
to recall the event. Is this normal? Will I ever be able to remember, or is
it gone forever? I have had trouble with my speech, as well, with these
attacks. I will come back out of the attack, and my speech is all messed up
for a couple of days after. Does anybody else have this problem? Any ideas
on how to regain my memory back? Also, I had another one of these attacks
Saturday morning, about 5:00. I still don't feel like my old self. Is this
normal as well? When will I feel "normal" again? Any ideas?

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