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Re: [IP] gastroparesis]

I have Gastroparesis and I have noticed that being on the pump has made a HUGE
difference.  I still have a few problems, but not nearly as bad as with shots.
Also, for many years I took propulsid for four times a day.  I stopped doing that
and began taking them on a need be basis, eg.  whenever I felt really sick and
wanted to throw up.  Hence I call propulsid my puke pills.  For a year now I've been
taking natural enzymes and have only had to reach for puke pills once, which has
been a big relief.

> Hope you never get gastroparesis!

I hope you and no one else ever get's it either, but it's not that bad.  It was kind
of embaressing at first when I would run out of meetings to throw up, but once I
informed those I work with they understood and we're fairly supportive.

I am in an "up" mood today, so it's not that bad!  Ask me on a down day... <VBG>

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