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Re: [IP] Humalog and pregnancy

I had one child on Regular insulin and one on Humalog.   The "humalog baby"  :-)  came out at 10 and a half pounds.  While the "regular baby" came out at 11 and a half pounds.    I was able to battle the ups and downs the pregnancy had on my sugars better with the humalog.  My Ha1c was 6.2   with the Humalog.

My doctor said that since it was so new, they had not been able to do the extensive studies to see how it would affect the babies or the mothers.  Thus the disclaimer.

> Richard asked:
> >
> >Humalog is the nearly ideal insulin for pumping.  What you write is the
> >first I hear about it not being appropriate for pregnant women.
> >
> >Do any list members know why?
it is clearly stated on Eli Lilly's product literature:
> "Special Populations
> Pregnancy -
> The effect of pregnancy on the pharmacokinetics and glucodynamics of
> Humalog has not been studied."
> Sounds like a fancy CYA way of saying "We don't know".

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