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Re: [IP] Nearing a choice

> Yes, generally. They have been AT LEAST since the 506 (probably
> earlier) had a sealed electronics module. What CAN go wrong if you
> get the pump wet, presuming that nothing has cracked the main part
> of the case, is that the feed screw may rust eventually.
> Can someone go into a pool with impunity?
The short answer is NO. The pumps appear to be designed to protect 
them from short-term accidental exposure to water, and showering. 
Lily managed to drown her 506 once when she wearing it swimming. The 
Sport Guard filled with water and a couple of hours later the pump 
(still in the water filled case) was unhappy. Since then, of course, 
we've also discovered, you don't need a pump while swimming.

> Perhaps, though I've never tried it. Of course I swim like a rock,
> and haven't been swimming since I started pumping 5 years ago.
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