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Re: [IP] Sillouette Question

Bert, as a woodworker, I worry constantly about cutting and planing with or
against the grain.  But I have never heard this expression with regard to
the subcutaneous tissue in my bod.   Physiologically, subcutaneous tissue
is what they call "isotropic", meaning simply that it looks the same no
matter how you look at it.  There might be more or less blood vessels close
to the navel, but it really doesnt' matter which way you insert the
catheter--i've even used up and down on occasion just for fun :-)

<<<<<<But, I have a question...
Being right handed, I have little trouble inserting them in the left side =
of my stomach area.  When I rotate sites however onto the right side, I =
find that it seems that the Sil goes against the grain because I insert it =
pointing forward.
Does anyone have any suggestions or techniques that might help?

** Wayne **

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