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Re: [IP] Cobra Ripoff?


COBRA is a Federal Law.  It allows an individual to carry their current
insurance for a maximum of 18 months.  The employer must offer this to the
employee ( child ) at no more than 2% the cost of the employer is paying for
the premium.  The 2% is to cover the employers cost.

It appears that the local union may have given you the incorrect values???

Your father can also verify how much it is costing the employer and himself
for the monthly premium.

Considering the cost of health care and how the insurance companies want
more money, I wouldn't be surprised if rates increased that much.

I don't believe you're being run around by big business ( and yes it comes
as a shock to hear myself even think that ).  The only business that would
profit by charging you more is your employer or that is your fathers
employer.  Your best bet is to find out how much your father's company
is/was paying for your premium.  If what you are being asked to pay is 2%
more than they're on the up and up.

I hope this helps.


ps.  I know what I know from taking advantage of COBRA several times and
having done some research on it for once an employer was trying to screw me
out of it.

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