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Re: [IP] question re pumps

Disetronic questions
Bolus units:  Disetronic pumps come preprogrammed in 0.5 unit increments,
but can be programmed at the factory for any units you want.  Jenna's pump
is programmed to go by 0.2 unit increments, each time the button is pressed.
For a smaller child, they could set it to go by 0.1 unit increments.  You
(or your doctor) just need to specify on the original order what units you
want delivered with each push of the button.

Long meals: Jenna just boluses as she goes through a long meal.  For
example, at a restaurant, when the salad comes, she'll bolus for that.  When
the entree comes, she'll figure carbs and bolus for that. Then, when dessert
comes, she'll bolus for that.  It also prevents getting to the end of the
meal and being full, not wanting to eat food that's already been bolused
for.  There really isn't a Disetronic version of the square wave - one of
the weaknesses of the D pump, though for children who don't have
gastroparesis, I don't know how much that matters.  The D reps say just use
a  increased temporary basal rate to mimic the square wave, but we haven't
tried that.

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